Why Lone Star State Construction is Unique?

At Lone Star State Construction LLC, the continuing pursuit of excellence is the cornerstone of our business credo.

It is this quality that distinguishes a Lone Star State Construction team.; it is also the best reason to choose our firm for your next project. Our staffs combined experience, an unfaltering determination to "do what we say we will do", and a belief in doing what is fair has earned Lone Star State Construction an excellent reputation.

We are known for consistent completion of exceptional quality projects, on time and within or below budget. The foundation for this success lies in the following:

Desire to Excel

The culture of a company determines the outcome of its products and services. Lone Star State Construction seeks and employs individuals who are motivated to excel, set higher performance standards for themselves and others, and routinely produce superior work. We settle for no less. Our culture is the basis of our strength, the reason for our success, and the foundation of every project we manage. We hold ourselves accountable first, collectively and individually, and require the same from the hundreds of subcontractors we manage. We do not give excuses, we develop solutions.

Having Leverage

The unique geography and weather in Texas demands a thorough understanding of the environment, and a deep network of marketplace resources. Our known record of keeping a project site safe and on schedule pushes construction vendors to seek to be a part of our team, knowing their time, and thus their profits, will not be wasted. This, combined with our expectation for the highest quality, has given us the ability to create some of the strongest construction crews in the region for the least cost to the owner. We consistently get better response and preferential pricing over our competitors.

On Time & On Budget

LSSC strives to finish every project on time and on budget.  Consistency is the key to our record. All of our processes have been developed by our own staff and are followed with acute attention to detail on EVERY project, no matter how large or small. This underlying support structure controls and ensures quality on every project.

The Bottom Line

The Lone Star State Construction company culture, our years of experience, our knowledge of the intricacies of building construction and our dedication to consistency upholding our commitments, brings the following bottom line value to your project:

  • Higher standards of quality in the craftsmanship of your project as well as the process used to get there.
  • Assurance that deadlines and commitments will be met.
  • Reduced costs due to smarter construction practices and preferential pricing from subcontractors.
  • Leadership and team spirit that promotes the project interests first and motivates others to do the same.
  • Continuous communication - keeping you informed and in control of spending your money - rather than someone else spending it for you.
  • Identification and communication of challenges that arise, with proposed solutions, many times before an owner is aware of the problem.
  • Reduce risk.
  • Peace of mind that you are being dealt with honestly and fairly, and your project will be completed on time and within budget.

Although our projects are diverse in scope and function, we approach each with the same level of commitment, facilitating the entire process for the project team and bringing optimum value to the owner.

As you review the following material, we are confident that you will see why more than 80% of our business comes from repeat customers.

You will not find a more dedicated and capable team to advocate your interests on your next project. Lone Star State Construction looks forward to working with you.

Marketplace Resources

Subcontractor/Supplier response is one of the difficult aspect of building construction. At Lone Star State Construction, we have been able to successfully combat this challenge without it ever effecting even one of our projects.

We have developed excellent relationships with our subcontractors and suppliers by being tough, but fair. We achieve this through the following approach:

  • Timely payment of subcontractors

  • We are ready for subcontractors when we say we will be ready

  • We hold our subcontractors to high standards

  • Proactive, efficient scheduling

  • All subcontractors are held accountable, thus ensuring that those subcontractors following others as much chance to be profitable as those that came before.

  • We build on subcontractor's strengths and manage their weaknesses

  • We support and help subcontractors

  • We find solutions to subcontractor's problems

  • We provide a clean, safe job site

  • We listen to our subcontractors

  • We communicate accelerations, delays, changes, and expectations to the subcontractors.

  • We know the subcontractors' trades through years of experience.


The single greatest difference between Lone Star State Construction and other general contractors is the unique culture established and maintained by EVERY Lone Star State Construction employee.

  • A brief description is as follows:

    Integrity and honesty are the backbone of our every process and final product.
  • We believe we should not accept, tolerate or give excuses. Therefore, we develop solutions.
  • We refuse to accept less than success on EVERY project.
  • We set higher performance standards for our team and ourselves.
  • We hold ourselves accountable first, collectively and individually, and then we hold everyone else accountable.
  • We are 100% committed to safety in the workplace.
  • We are continually training and looking for ways to improve in construction and business practices.
  • We foster and reward proactive thinking.
  • We are an advocate for the owner's interests at all levels.
  • We expect all of our personnel to "do the right thing" and act as a leader in all aspects of their job.
  • We support our co-workers and clients, architects, consultants, subcontractors and suppliers.

Consistent Execution

Lone Star State Construction provides a unique underlying support system in which our exceptionally strong project managers and superintendents operate, allowing them to focus their efforts on specific projects and maximize their contributions to those projects.

Consistent execution of our implemented systems ensures high quality of process and completed product on each project. These systems, while much more extensive in practice than demonstrated here, are briefly described as follows:

All projects are documented the same way, with the same software. Documentation includes subcontracts, purchase orders, budget cost control, requests for information, submittals, daily reports, transmittals, time cards etc.

All projects follow the same start-up procedures, operating procedures, close-out etc.

The owners are involved in day-to-day activities.



Lone Star State Construction has taken a forceful stance on safety. This is the NUMBER ONE priority on any job. This commitment starts from the top and is communicated throughout the company on all levels.

Just as it is easier and faster to build it correctly the first time around, it is also more productive to build it safely the first time around. The following is a sampling of some safety initiatives takes by Lone Star State Construction:

  • Job site safety walks are done on a monthly basis on every ongoing project. A written report is distributed to the site supervisor for follow up action.
  • Spontaneous job safety walks throughout the year, especially if a particularly critical activity is to take place that warrants extra safety care.
  • 10 OSHA training course is offered a few times annually to ensure that all new hires are well trained.
  • All supervisors have completed courses in First Aid and CPR.
  • All field employees have completed a fork-lift training program.
  • A complete and comprehensive Safety Manual has been implemented throughout the company.
  • All field supervisors have and maintain a complete HAZCOM book on site.
  • All subcontractors are required to have a safety program of their own, as well as adhere to our safety policy. A copy of the individual subcontractor's safety policies is kept on the job site.
  • An OSHA response policy has been implemented and tested.
  • Weekly safety training for all employees on all job sites conducted by a site supervisor.
  • Ongoing safety training for supervisors.



Lone Star State Construction has always been known for high standards of quality. It is part of our mission statement "to provide a high quality of service and workmanship at every aspect of the project".

To Lone Star State Construction, a quality project is not limited to the craftsmanship of the final product, but also includes the quality of the process for every aspect of the project, at every stage.

Our approach to quality assurance encompasses our budget, our schedule, our partnerships with the owner, subcontractor and community, and our dedication to the design intent and superior workmanship throughout the preconstruction, construction, closeout, and warranty phases of the project.

Lone Star State Construction has implemented the necessary structure to ensure the highest quality through consistent execution and acute attention to detail at every phase of the project, EVERY TIME.

Construction Cost Estimating

At Lone Star State Construction we take great pride in our ability to accurately estimate a project at all phases given a specific set of assumptions we apply to the estimating process. Our estimating is unique for the following reasons:

The same team that estimates the project builds the project, leading to increased ownership of the estimate up front, continuity of scope decisions, lack of overlapping, less items falling through the cracks, and a better understanding of the project on the day construction begins. We believe in the same team being involved in every stage of the project.

Through excellent subcontractor/Supplier relations, we are able to validate historical data prior to a subcontractor becoming a guaranteed member of the team. This ensures accuracy of estimates in our variable marketplace.

We create a fully scoped and detailed estimate with our own takeoffs in almost all areas. We detail each bidder's scope through a separate "Bid BooK" that ensures consistent and complete bidding between bidders. This eliminates doubling up on scope or overlooking vital scope.

We advocate accurate project bids. We are not afraid to help define a portion of the scope that may not be fully detailed in the plans and specifications in order to have a basis for subcontractors to accurately bid the project.


Lone Star State Construction feels keeping the project on schedule is a zero tolerance task. If a problem arises with a subcontractor and/or schedule, it is addressed that same day.

We do not wait to solve a scheduling problem and we are not afraid to do whatever it takes to hold our subcontractors and suppliers responsible.

Each subcontractor is tied, contractually, to our schedule and we expect performance. By the same token, we hold ourselves accountable and WILL be ready for a subcontractor when they arrive on site.

By having subcontractors come to our weekly meetings when they are still two to three weeks from being on the job, they let us know what they need from us and we can make sure we are ready for them.

We have earned the reputation of not wasting our subcontractor's time with unnecessary mobilizations, thus giving us tremendous leverage and preferential pricing because we do not waste our subcontractor's profits, either.


Anyone can create a schedule; at Lone Star State Construction we manage the schedule so that it is met.

We focus on completing by the contractual deadline.

We believe we should not accept, tolerate or give excuses. Therefore, we find solutions.

We monitor our schedules daily and update them weekly.

We get subcontractor input and buy in to our schedules prior to the start of construction so there is ownership on the part of each subcontractor for meeting that schedule.

We are ready for trades when we say we will be, therefore they do not need to second-guess what we tell them. Additionally, they make money on our projects because we proactively schedule VS. reactivity schedule.

Our subcontractors attend weekly project meetings 2-3 weeks prior to arriving on site. They are required to review the drawings with the superintendent for their scope of work and let Lone Star State Construction know what they will need in order to be productive when they arrive on site. This helps to ensure the subcontractor's profits.

The same team that will build the project constructs the schedule during the preconstruction eliminating any "passing of responsibility" problems.

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