LSSC attends Angie's List Festival of Service 2015

By Don

Highlights from the 2015 Festival of Service.

May of 2015 Dave, Don and Daren Peters attended the Angie's List Festival of Service in Indianapolis. Dave was selected to be on the Service Provider Advisory Committee (SPAC) team to give feedback from the field about changes and improvements that could be made to help us Service Providers provide a better experience for our customers.

The video above highlights the event. Besides attending various workshops, speeches and networking with other contractors, we were entertained by Train. Dave was pulled up on stage to sing with Pat - the lead singer (photos in our Facebook photo album). The event culminated with an Indianapolis Grand Prix race with the Angie's List sponsored car participating.

You can catch us at 17 seconds glued to the words of one of the many speakers.

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